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from our players

Welcome on our new Start Page

  • New Start page

    we finally made a Start Page for Gartenkriege.de for ideas please contact us!

    our Server is not a Pay To Win Server we want clean and fair gameplay.

    feel free to donate us, you can donate on PayPal
    ! all donates going into the server price (each month 80€)!

  • Last Server Changes:

    •[Remove] Fireworks

  • Game server IP

    direct connect

  • Teamspeak 3 Server

    direct connect

Arma 3 Exile server features

• Custom DMS missions static and dynamic

• Custom trader citys overall the tanoa Map

• AI units running over the map also in vehicles

• Hidden Trader aka. black Market roaming AI with trade option

• Active and friendly Staff

• awsome server performance

• and many more configurations

Server Specs

◘ Intel Core i7 6700 3,40 GHz

◘ 32 GB Ram

◘ 1 GB Pipeline

◘ Backups all 15 mins